Ashley Kay Parcel

Published Author. Freelance Writer. Licensed Massage Therapist. Certified Meditation Teacher. Reiki Practitioner. Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Health Sciences.

Ashley Kay Andy is the natural healer and writer aspiring to uplift your soul. A licensed massage therapist, certified meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner, yogi, and dancer, she has dedicated her life to helping women heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her intuitive healing style relaxes the body, soothes the mind, and refreshes the spirit. From hands-on healing sessions and teaching meditation to speaking at wellness fairs and leading women’s retreats, Ashley is passionate about guiding women to reconnect with their empathic abilities, understand their sensitivity superpowers, and empower their deep healing.

“After many years of studying and working on the physical body, I grew to understand the limitations involved in the Western approach of treating the body as a separate entity. True healing involves emotional understanding and growth, mental clarity and creative stimulation, physical care, and spiritual wholeness in order to tune into your higher purpose or calling.

I am here to help you dig deep, identify wounds and limiting beliefs holding you back, and empower you to take action. Whether you’ve been a hands-on client, have participated in one of my workshops, read my book, or are meeting me through this amazing space online… I’m honored to help you heal and thrive.”

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