Why Pair Movement & Meditation?

When I look back over the times in which I felt most overwhelmed and anxious there is a major commonality that stands out. I was not moving my body joyfully and I was not making time for mindful stillness. We can often feel a little lost, stuck, or disconnected in body, mind, and spirit. Overstimulated and anxious, many are going through life without feeling completely present and peaceful within their body. Personally, I was overrun with anxiety which got to the point of having debilitating anxiety attacks. This feeling of disconnection with myself and others combined with the lack of control or understanding of my own emotions was such a scary feeling! There was healing that needed to be done within, and without taking the time to do either movement or meditation I was not giving myself the tools to do so.

Just take a moment to think about how much of our movement is done without mindfulness. Brainless, habitual tasks fill our days and our soul aches to be expressed through our body movements! Our body is the one beautiful vehicle that enables us to experience the world around us while also giving us the opportunity to express the soul within us. It must be given nourishment, freedom from rigidity, calm to relax the nervous system, and to put it simply… LOVE. Reflect on a time in which you were a child, moving your body in a way that felt so free. Perhaps you were running through a forest, biking down a hill, tumbling on the grass, or climbing a tree. We all have the need for experiencing those forms of movement that invite us to be completely present in a state of pure bliss.

However, always being in motion, always doing and creating and experiencing may bring our body fulfillment (and possibly a little exhaustion)… but what about our mind? Many of us feel our brain continually spinning on a hamster wheel of our own creation. It may slow down momentarily when we sleep, but many of us struggle to do that! We are constantly distracted, with the opportunity for excessive stimulation quite literally in the palm of our hand. If we don’t make time for meditation, an intentional quieting of the mind, we are withholding the ability to process our experiences, learn from them, and understand our own inner workings.

Peaceful, loving, and non-judgmental self-reflection enables integration of the world around us and our part within it.

-Ashley Kay Andy

We are able to process what prompted strong emotions and why, understand how our experiences have shaped our life views, and explore the possibility that exists in healing and growing our awareness. This can be done through regular meditation.

By uniting the energy healing power of movement and meditation together as one experience, we are able to reconnect the 3 components of self… body, mind, and spirit. This reconnection feels a bit like coming home. Instead of coming home to a physical building, you are coming home to yourSELF. And by doing so, you are openly inviting powerful soul connection, divine support, and deep healing in!

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