10 Ways Spirit is Communicating with You

10 Ways Spirit is Communicating with You

We often hesitate to share something that seems outside of the norm… something we fear we may be judged or ridiculed for. Communication with the spiritual realm was one of those things for me. Though I would often hear or feel guidance when practicing massage therapy and Reiki with a client, I resisted the urge to mention it until recently. When I began sharing the tidbits of information I’d received from the spiritual world, I was able to quiet my doubts that I was just “making it up”. The words, imagery, and feelings I experienced were validated and understood once I gathered the gumption to share them.

I fully believe that those who have crossed over are very present in our lives and many even seek to communicate with us regularly. I also believe we all have the capabilities to be able to tune into spirit, but empaths and highly sensitive persons especially house within themselves all the necessary abilities to do so. Have you ever seen a particular bird or butterfly that brought with it a peaceful presence of a familiar family member or friend? Have you seen a uniquely distinct sight, a name, maybe even a certain number that reminded you of a loved one who has passed and just happened to showed up right when you were needing a little extra reassurance or encouragement. It’s easy to pass these moments off as happenstance or allow our ego to convince us they are coincidence. Observe them with an open-mind, meditate or pray on them, and log your instances of connection as well as the feelings experienced. You’ll quickly begin to see patterns and connections that would have been easily brushed over had we not given the invitation for our intuition to take the lead. Here are a few ways those you love may make their appearance or share their messages with you:

  • Animals are excellent messengers, as they are intuitive beings by nature (as are we, though we often allow ourselves to forget it). I’ve asked my spirit guides to show me a particular animal in demonstration of their guidance and they deliver. Find a resource, a website or book, that you’re able to find spiritual meanings of animals and stick to that same resource. You’ll be amazed at how many times the sighting of a specific animal holds a message that provides guidance and support.
  • Often we relate certain symbols… foods, decor items, clothing or jewelry to a person we love who has passed. These objects allow you to connect deeply with the memories you hold together and invite your loved one to connect with relative ease. If you see an object that reminds you of someone who has passed, take a breath and allow yourself to truly feel their presence. Mentally, or out loud, invite them to provide guidance or a message they wish to share when this occurs.
  • Sometimes you may hear audible messages word or sentence as though spoken from a loved one or higher power. These messages can be a simple word or name, other times they will be received as an entire sentence or complete thought. They may sound like a unique thought that spontaneously popped into your head with no predictable train of thought that preceded them.
  • Have you ever noticed the same numbers that hold a special meaning to you pop into your life? Whether you’re glancing at the clock or pass a certain license plate that catches your eye, these instances are not coincidence. The spiritual world like to remind you of their presence with this simple visual and repetition of numbers, often called “Angel Numbers” hold special meanings. 
  • Using electronics as a mode of communication can seem quite fun for the spiritual world. Due to their energetic existence, moving objects is more of a challenge and requires significant energy output on their part. Communicating through electronics on the other hand, is far easier and requires less energy. This mode can come in the form of electronic malfunctions that either require you to stop and think about a particular message, lights turning on, off, or pulsing to remind you they are near, or a certain song with a much needed message popping on the radio at just the right time. During an intuitive reading in which I was communicating with a woman’s deceased mother, the lights in the room I was in flickered intensely with every strong message I felt come through. The flickering and pulsing then receded during the times I was feeling her presence but not a message, which helped to validate her words to me and her daughter.
  • Feathers and coins are little gestures of spiritual presence that remind us we are not alone and are easier physical objects to manipulate by spiritual energy. You may notice a particular coin make its appearance, or a feather show itself just as you were needing some extra guidance or support. When feathers or coins seem to “randomly” appear in your life, take note of the thoughts or feelings that come with them. These intuitive feelings or thoughts are likely exactly the message the spiritual world is intending to share with you.
  • Some, typically those who have clairvoyant abilities, are able to visually see spirit. They can be frequently recognized by a visual soft mist or haze, a shadow in the corner of your eye, or the shape of a human figure. These appearances are often gone as quickly as they appear and can leave one questioning what they saw. If you suspect you may have seen spirit, pay attention to how you feel. I will often see a mist or hazy figure in the corner of my eye and when I turn to look fully, it disappears. However, as I do so and tune into my inner guidance I notice the thoughts and feelings that arise correlate with a particular person, and often contain a message of love and support.
  • When experiencing a spiritual visitor, you may suddenly feel the need to put on a cozy sweater and warm socks. Spirit often brings feelings of cold and when I am feeling strong spiritual guidance from a particular individual who has passed or simply from the Universe/God, I often feel my hands and feet grow cold. You may also experience a soft breeze or wind where it may not make sense to feel one, such as somewhere in your home or a building where drafts would not be found. Perhaps when in a protected space outdoors you feel complete stillness, followed by a spontaneous little gust that gives you a burst of intuitive guidance just as sudden.
  • Some empaths and intuitives are able to recognize spiritual presence through flashes, twinkling, or swirling light. It is important to be cognizant of these experiences, as they can also be symptoms for medical concern. If all is well and they are not health related, enjoy these bursts of light knowing you are being visited by spirit. Personally when I’m feeling especially aligned and supported, or need a reminder of how blessed I truly am, I see twinkling lights in the upper range of my vision that appear all over and are gone within five to ten seconds. These may be white light, or you may see flashes of color that correspond to a spiritual energy or the message you’re intended to receive.
  • Spiritual connection and guidance often appears where there is little resistance. Our cognitive activity during sleeping and dreaming allows for messages to come through without intervention with our ego, challenging our belief and dismissing things that may seem out of the ordinary or coincidental. Whether people, animals, or situations and environments speak to your subconscious, this is an excellent time to allow yourself to tune in during lights out. Keep your journal on your bedside table or easily within reach immediately upon waking. Dreams can quickly fade away and recede into the depths of our lost memories as we acclimate to our waking life. Jotting down a few notes or recording audio of the guidance received may help you to connect the dots with current happenings in your life.

Have you noticed any of these signs in your life? We would love to hear about them below!

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