The Elements Within a Family

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The Elements Within a Family

I was reflecting upon the four elements as I traveled to do a “through the window and six feet apart” visit to my sisters’ homes. I was thinking about the application of these elements in holistic and Ayurvedic medicine, and how we all require a balance of each in order to feel optimally centered and aligned. This brought me to thinking of our siblings, and how our family feels truly complete when we are all together.

“Well of course, ” I realized. “We are the elements.”

My sister Amber, the eldest, is our Fire. Within her burns a fierce determination for what she sets her mind to accomplish. She is a force of beautiful strength. While her intensity may cause some to keep their distance, it illuminates the way for many others to recognize the unique fire they have burning inside of them and inspires action. Intense feelings are quickly ignited and she is fueled by the understanding of her true power. She is not easily swayed, and will head in the direction she puts her mind to. She is a leader and sees the potential of others before they recognize it themselves. Her (sometimes blunt) honesty causes those around her to challenge themselves to grow, just as the forest fire clears dead debris to invite new life, new ideas, and natural beauty.

Nathan, the only brother among us, is our Earth. Calm and comforting, he allows those around him to feel more centered and grounded simply by his presence. He cares for the earth as an extension of himself, knowing that his actions with shape the future environment. His steady but passionate self is most content when living as one with the environment around him. He is an observer, taking in the happenings and reflecting upon them while quietly supporting life and love around him. Just as the earth expects no praise for fostering life on our planet, he is humble in his demeanor. Being around him enables you to feel recharged and supported. Within his soul is an ability to create mountains of good where there was once an expanse of flat and nutrient-lacking land, and to create stunning gems in places that may be overlooked by some.

I, next in birth order, am our Air. In a whimsical… almost dreamlike way, I journey through life as though propelled by an invisible force. Creative and artsy, I’m excited to dance about and be a part of many unique experiences and learning opportunities. Within the same day, I can feel emotions of serious intensity and calm beauty. Seeking to give life and uplift others, I’m able to draw something out within a person, fostering an intuitive understanding of their strengths and abilities led by a deep and refreshing breath. I’m happiest when given the opportunity to help other elements reach new heights, and often celebrate in stillness. I can be both a force that demands care and attention while also nurturing the softest and most gentle wisp of a butterfly wing.

The youngest, and our final element is Abigail, our Water. Flowing along a path of least resistance, her presence provides nourishment to those around her. She is determined, but in a subtle way. Just as one may not easily observe the steady impact a river flow has upon rock, she gently carves away at coldness to make way for free-flowing love. She is expressive and makes her emotions known naturally, as she cannot help but allow her bubbling brook or joyful waterfall to sing their songs. She gently provides those who are down-trodden or defeated with enough sustenance to spring back to life, simply by being around her.

We complete our family the more we own our unique skills, powers, and abilities. I am grateful to be inspired and ignited by Amber, grounded and centered by Nathan, and nourished and nurtured by Abigail.

What element do you feel most embodies your personality or that of your family?

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