Tune into Your Healing Powers

Tune into Your Healing Powers

When I opened my massage therapy practice, I had a very logical attitude of healing. This muscle attaches to this bone at this point, apply pressure here to relieve tension… just as I’d learned. It didn’t take long before I began to notice patterns. Why was it that more than 80 percent of my clients suffered from upper back and neck pain, and/or headaches? And nearly 100% indicated that they were stressed on their intake form? 

In previous generations our fight-or-flight instinct kicked in when we were in serious danger… when we rounded the corner and came face to face with the bear. Many life-threatening situations such as these are a more rare occurrences, and yet our brain is releasing those fight-or-flight hormones like crazy, keeping our mind and body on high alert. When that car pulls out in front of us or we face confrontation at work that system that is designed to keep us alive kicks into full gear. And then stays there… for hours, for days… for some of us, it feels like our permanent state of being. To put it plainly, we are stressed. 

We allow ourselves to get to the point of extreme fatigue, mental exhaustion, and physical pain before we listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us. But if we learn to listen to our body when it whispers, we don’t have to hear it scream. We live in a world where our phones tell us how active we’ve been, our beds adjust automatically to keep us comfortable, and our watches let us know how we’ve slept. Being able to monitor these things is truly amazing and CAN really be beneficial, like when Susie from work challenges you to take an extra walk around the block in the morning because you just can’t let her team win that step challenge! But on the flip side they cause us to outsource a very important task… listening to our body

We have more power to heal than we’ve been made to believe. While the advances and abilities of Western medicine are astounding and can do wonderful things, understanding that you, not a person in a white coat with a prescription pad, have control over your health is far more important. In order to take ownership of… to fully own and accept our body, mind, and spirit in its current condition and enable it to heal, we have to be open to understanding it and willing to listen to our own intuition, 

You know that feeling, the gut instinct that something is wrong and you’re in an unsafe environment? The feeling of knowing something feels off, despite the exam and lab tests coming back normal. And for a positive one, taking a deep breath and knowing you are exactly where you’re meant to be in this exact moment. That my friends is your intuition, your higher self, your connection with the higher power talking… often a voice we allow to be drowned out by our busy lifestyles, full of external stimulus and noise. 

Well my friends, it’s time to reconnect with that voice, that feeling of inner connectedness and unity of your body, mind, and spirit. These three components as one make up your being…who you are as a person here in this room. The need is great for us to understand and grow, for by doing so we uplift and encourage those around us to do the same, leaving a healthier, happier and more aware environment for the generations that follow us. If you feel you’ve forgotten how to listen or don’t remember being able to hear your intuitive voice… reach out, I’d love to help you reconnect to your own intuitive healing powers.

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