Why “Uplift Your Soul”?

You may have noticed this phrase in my writings, at the end of my meditation videos, or in my hashtags and wondered… why? I mean, that seems like an awfully audacious task to take on doesn’t it? You may have even thought, “Why is my soul any of YOUR business?

Well, my friends, I firmly believe I was put here on this Earth for that very purpose, to uplift those around me in a deep and substantial way. After spending years performing massage therapy services, I grew aware that there are areas of healing far more intimate than simple deep tissue muscle work can reach. By remembering the divine wisdom that we are simply a soul within a body, we have the potential to heal on a level far beyond physical. After all, our physical symptoms are often one of the last clues as to something being wrong.

Let’s take anxiety for example. First we may notice anxious, fear-based thoughts arise. Our mind chatter takes over, repeating these fearful beliefs, worries or limiting thoughts over and over again. After the mind comes the breath, which gradually becomes more and more shallow and takes place higher up in the chest. Then we experience even more of a physical response… an anxious pit in our stomach, shaking or shivering, or tense muscles that are ready at the mind’s signal to burst into action and protect us in a fight or help us to flee from danger. Prolonged feelings of stress and anxiety lead to muscle tension and strain which can build up over the course of days, weeks, or even months without feeling at ease.

If we learn to recognize the first signals of our body experiencing anxiety and stress and stop (or even slow down) the natural progression of this process, we are able to heal and grow in a way you’ve never been able to previously. For in halting this automatic nervous system response we can identify WHY it occurred in the first place, and heal the root cause… often tied to a core limiting belief or emotionally traumatic experience that was covered by “emotional scar tissue” so you could continue on. And I can tell you firsthand, it requires far less time, energy, and expense to identify and do the healing work than to continue fending off anxiety attacks and emotional breakdowns, living a life without alignment. Being unable to live your life as fully as you’ve imagined, or serve those around you with the unique gifts you were created to share… that, my friends, is what will break your soul.

I am here to help. I am committed to helping you heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to the best of my ability. I will guide you on your journey to living well and sharing your beautiful light with those around you.

I am here to uplift your soul.

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